We would like to thank you for the faith expressed in Brain Academy capabilities and thereby your valuable time to visit Brain Academy services.

Sustainability education means, incorporating key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning. It also requires participatory teaching.

There is no ‘correct’ pedagogy for sustainability education, but there is a broad consensus that it requires a shift towards active, participatory, and experiential teaching methods that engage the learner and make a real difference to their understanding, thinking and ability to act. However, this may NOT directly result into the marks of every student. We strongly believe that, Every individual is UNIQUE

Brain Academy provides a safe and inclusive space where critical and honest conversations can happen. We use relevant experiences that can excite teachers to find meaning inside the classroom and eventually ignite students to engage. We strongly believe, in a constructive approach, it is important that we know where our students are coming from but NOT to judge them. This is possible only with adaptive culture by teachers.

We have come-up with a exciting model to improve teacher’s methodology, which helps in inclusiveness of the class, thus engaging students in a very productive manner. To start-with, we need some inputs from your side.

  1. We would like to join for video conf in one of your Saturday session.
  2. From every class, we would like to have a question paper of Social Studies and English and 2 answer sheets of lowest and highest from each class
  3. As this is empowering the teachers to up-bring students which helps to the growth of the school, we take pride in being engaged in this activity for RS. 20,000/- excluding travel and accommodation.

Once we all are in sync with above details, we are happy to share drilled-down approach and detailed there of.

Look forward, Thanking you.