Being in Industrial safety business which calls for a work or 24×7, our members are too stressed. We were looking at someone specific to shoulder our stress and listen to us. As our work is more specific in Maharashtra and Karnataka, we were also interested in counsellors with regional language.

Then we came across with Brain Academy, who has the right approach with experienced and qualified counsellors.

We have found it most helpful being able to vent the feelings surrounding an issue enough to see clearly “what is behind it”, and then being able to assess a remedy or change. We have really been able to get a handle on our professional and personal relationships. We feel that we are “coming into our own” right now and the work we have been doing has helped tremendously to guide that growth in a healthy direction.

Their style of support is empowering, insightful and progressive.

We are thankful to Brain Academy for the association and value-add to us. We wish them good luck and look forward for more deep and longer association.